Sawley Village Hall

Conditions of Hire (updated January 2016)


a)     Sawley Village Hall is a non smoking venue


b)     The minimum hire period for Sawley Village Hall is 2 hours


c)     Access to the hall will not normally be permitted before the time booked on the application. (Please advise any caterers etc.) Therefore, setting up and clearing up time needs to be booked in advance.


d)     The trustees accept no liability for damage, loss, or injury to persons or property arising from the hiring of the hall.


e)     Hire of the main hall and committee room will include the use of the kitchen only for tea and coffee facilities. Use of the full range of kitchen equipment will require a separate reservation.


f)       The individual/group hiring the hall will receive the key for the front door or given access by a committee member.


g)     Sawley Village Hall trustees operate a bar under its own licence. Normally events would conclude at midnight, however any requests for an extension to the licence should be made to the Designated Premises Supervisor who has sole responsibility for accepting or denying permission for a licensed bar.


h)     Particulars of licencing hours should be obtained. Hirers and visitors of the hall can only bring their own champagne onto the premises by prior arrangement and this champagne must not be sold. No other alcohol must be brought onto the premises. A bottle corkage charge may apply where parties hiring the hall wish to bring their own champagne, please discuss this before/upon booking. A drinks menu is available upon request or from the website, if specific drinks are required we will endeavour to meet these requirements if possible.


i)       No alcohol or valuables should be stored on the premises overnight, without prior permission. Should permission be granted any items stored overnight will be at the hirers own risk


j)        The hirer will, during the period of the hiring, be responsible for the supervision of the premises and the behaviour of persons using the premises.


k)     Hirers are expected to take all reasonable measures to ensure that guests leave promptly and quietly and avoid nuisance to local residents


l)        The Sawley Village Hall committee may be able to set out tables and chairs etc by prior arrangement. We would ask all hirers using these facilities, to follow the guidance given (signs within the hall) when taking tables and chairs out and putting them away, to ensure no damage is done to the furniture. Chairs and tables should be cleaned and stacked in the storage areas provided.


m)   We suggest that all individuals hiring the hall take time to read through the welcome manual stored in the kitchen. This gives detailed information about light switches, setting out, putting away furniture etc.


n)     The hall should be vacated by midnight unless prior arrangements have been agreed by the Designated Premises Supervisor and the Booking Officer.


o)     Any booking having amplified music is required to ensure that the noise is limited to avoid nuisance to residents in nearby properties


p)     Emergency exit doors should not be used for general entry to the hall and at no time should anything be left blocking these entrances whilst the hall is in use


q)     All rubbish should be bagged and left in the kitchen. Please note that bottles should only be put in the bottle bank between 8am and 8pm, in order to minimise the noise for nearby neighbours.


r)      The hirer shall pay Sawley Village Hall for the cost of any damages to the premises, the fabric or contents, howsoever caused during the period of hire.




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Signature of Booking Officer ______________________




Deposit paid ______________________


Total due ____________________________


Hall Officers


Christine Dent Chair

Ted Flexman Vice Chair

Mike Mason Hon. Secretary 01765 620691

Karen Fisher Booking Officer 01765 620567

Rachel Bullock Wedding Coordinator 01765 620294

Chris Lightwing Designated Premises Supervisor

Jim Wigginton Hon Treasurer